Sunday, April 12, 2015

ドキドキのロサンゼルス一人旅3   Unforgettable Travel Alone to LA.3


Hello, I'm Kazu. Have you ever thought about ”who you really are”?  You might sometimes wonder what you actually want to do in life, even though you see a lot of people and work hard every day.

Your True Self, the most wonderful self knows all the answers.

"The true self" here doesn't mean your true feeling or real intention that is often compared with stated reasons, but the authentic self that is united as one with life of everything in the whole universe including  all the natural elements.

Therefore, of course it is common for all humanity. It is the most wonderful self that lies deep down within you.

Ever since I discovered my true self through a seminar developed by Yasuyuki Sato, I have experienced so many changes in life, and I myself got a qualification to offer the true self discovery seminar. As I present workshops both in Japanese and English, I have witnessed many wonderful experiences of people from different countries who actually met their true nature.

~This is the continued story of offering the True Self Discovery Seminar in LA~

As we got to the main part, conversation among participants was forbidden so as to concentrate on themselves only.

In general we hardly have an opportunity to take a look back over our lives, as we are constantly fighting time. It must be the same for anyone in any countries.

However, if you keep the state of your mind unchanged and leave your life as it is now, you'll  just get older without realizing the most important thing in life.

Mr. Sato says that we all have to stop at one point and reflect on our life purpose.

As the participants confronted themselves to explore their true love deep down within, many of them came across long-forgotten memories and traced back their past. They started to figure out the causes of their current state of mind. 

From that point, we had a one-on-one session to develop the deep consciousness.

One beautiful woman who had put a lid on her own memories with her mother decided to face them. She said that she had been too small to understand her mother's true feeling, when she had lost her.

Another woman who was diligent and warmhearted started to feel the deep love through the unconditional love that her mother showed when 9/11 occurred.

As they dug down into their mind, their perspectives started to change.

A man who was brilliant and clear-headed and had long pursued spirituality was in a tense struggle to do it since he was apt to use his brain a lot.

There were various types of people who had different values and backgrounds in that room just like those who are in the seminar held in Japan.

Each individual made an earnest effort, and as they kept writing on many pieces of paper, their consciousness developed deeper and deeper.

Just then one of the women suddenly burst out crying! That was the moment when she met her True Self, her authentic love inside.

She cried, "Mom, thank you. Mom, I love you!" Her mind that is so called "a film of her life" made a shift. Her face was bathed in tears. She was so much moved by the true love.

I was also very much moved by her realization, and was strongly convinced that we are originally all one regardless of differences in nationality, race, skin color, or culture. I felt sure that all the people have the True Self deep inside. I was touched beyond words.

she looked different and her emotions were clear on her beautiful face.
                        (To be continued...)








ドキドキのロサンゼルス一人旅 3