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ドキドキのロサンゼルス一人旅4 Unforgettable Travel Alone To LA. 4


Hello, I'm Kazu. Have you ever thought about ”who you really are”?  You might sometimes wonder what you actually want to do in life, even though you see a lot of people and work hard every day.

Your True Self, the most wonderful self knows all the answers.

"The true self" here doesn't mean your true feeling or real intention that is often compared with stated reasons, but the authentic self that is united as one with life of everything in the whole universe including  all the natural elements.

Therefore, of course it is common for all humanity. It is the most wonderful self that lies deep down within you.

Ever since I discovered my true self through a seminar developed by Yasuyuki Sato, I have experienced so many changes in life, and I myself got a qualification to offer the true self discovery seminar. As I present workshops both in Japanese and English, I have witnessed many wonderful experiences of people from different countries who actually met their true nature.

〜I'll continue to post my experience when I offered the True Self Discovery seminar in LA.~

In the first evening a young woman suddenly burst out crying. It was exactly the moment when she met her True Self within!

She found the true love that she had never recognized. She was so much moved to tears that she could hardly stand up.

She was completely filled with love and appreciation.

As a matter of fact, I was also stirred with emotion. It was awesome.

After a while, another woman collapsed in tears at her desk while writing on a paper. When she came to me with what she had written, she couldn't put her feelings into words as she was full of deep emotion.

Later, she said that she had experienced a realm where there is nothing such as good or bad but only True Love.

A nice tall man who joined the seminar with his mother said that he had realized deep true love that he had been given from his family with tears spilling out of his pure eyes.

Then he and his mother hold and shared love and appreciation each other. They looked as if they were reunited after more than a decade.

People's true life stories can really penetrate to the inner heart of us. They are more touching than any other films.

Then, one participant awakened to the true self, the god nature inside after another. By the time we wrapped up all the programs for the first day, all the participants had attainted the True Love inside them.

They looked tired physically, but their eyes were just shinning!
                          (To be continued...)

ドキドキのロサンゼルス一人旅 4








ドキドキのロサンゼルス一人旅 4