Tuesday, April 7, 2015

世界は一つ! It's a small world after all!


Hello, I'm Kazu. Have you ever thought about ”who you really are”?  You might sometimes wonder what you actually want to do in life, even though you see a lot of people and work hard every day.

Your True Self, the most wonderful self knows all the answers.

"The true self" here doesn't mean your true feeling or real intention that is often compared with stated reasons, but the authentic self that is united as one with life of everything in the whole universe including  all the natural elements.

Therefore, of course it is common for all humanity. It is the most wonderful self that lies deep down within you.

Ever since I discovered my true self through a seminar developed by Yasuyuki Sato, I have experienced so many changes in life, and I myself got a qualification to offer the true self discovery seminar. As I present workshops both in Japanese and English, I have witnessed many wonderful experiences of people from different countries who actually met their true nature.

Today, I'll share one experience of a man from Philippines.

It's been about 5 years since he first came to Japan for his job. He works for a Japanese firm and can speak Japanese quite well.  On the surface he appears to be a very gentle and peaceful person, but he said that he had been tormented by his sudden anger or frustration with no reason.

He decide to take a course of true self discovery in order to master his own mind.

In the process of discording his true nature inside, he realized many facts through his past experiences.

He recalled one long-forgotten memory with his parents after another...
When he was young, he used to stay out on the town late at night. One day he stayed out all night. His father waited up for him until he finally came back, but he didn't say anything at all, but just got to bed in relief.

 He said that he didn't feel a thing from it back then, but this memory suddenly came across his mind and felt deep love with warm feeling. He calmly uncovered his true nature and experienced deep true love of god ("god" means human's inherent ultimate love, or god nature inside) through the unconditional love from his parents.

According to his report, after meeting his true self, he found that he became very peaceful and seldom felt edgy or anger. This man unconsciously tried to fill a void in his life with hard work as he was honest and diligent.

But once he awakened to his true self, he recognized a fact that he had been filled with limitless love from the beginning. As a consequence, he regained his peaceful mind.

Tomorrow I'll share an experience of a young American man who had a dream of becoming a US air force pilot.