Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Ideal Mindset.


Hello, I'm Kazu who translates words of Yasuyuki Sato into English. Mr. Sato has developed various kinds of methods to enable people to awaken to their true self (their god nature inside). On this blog I write about the true self discovery and about Mr. Sato, as well as experiences of people who actually discovered it from my own view.

There is Truth that your mind creates all your reality. If it is so,  your thought in each moment really matters.

Then, what sort of mindset do you think you should have on a consistent basis?

Mr. Sato taught us three important phrases to keep in mind so as to live a life in line with the law of the universe.

"Everything was good for me."  It is to accept everything that happened in the past.

"Thank you for everything as it is now."  It is to appreciate the now.

"My life is getting better thanks to everything happened to me." It is to attract a bright future.

These phrases are very simple but bring profound results.

No matter what happened to you in the past, it was really necessary to you to learn some important lesson from it. Therefore, you have to accept it once and start all over again.

Mr. Sato also says that if you cherish each moment and feel grateful to it,  you'll surely have a bright future. These phrases are far more powerful that you might expect.

In fact, right after the Great East Japan Earthquake Mr. Sato paid a visit to an evacuation center in Fukushima. He also gave this message to those who had experienced all the misery.

Mr. Sato told them to say, "Everything was good for me." and write many reasons about it. Normally it is impossible for them to do such a thing, but they could actually do it, because it is the Truth. After they actually did it, those people appreciated Mr. Sato.

If you just feel pity for those who lost their lives, it means that you waste their lives as they are just unfortunate. But if you can learn something from the tragedy, make the most use of it, and you feel grateful even to the tragedy, their death will become meaningful.

Just try to say in your mind, "Everything was good for me." "Thank you for everything as it is now", and "My life is getting better thanks to everything happened to me."