Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Can The True Self Discovery Drive Business Success? Ⅱ


Hello, I'm Kazu who translates Mr. Sato's words into English. On this blog I write about "The True Self (God nature inside)" and about Mr. Yasuyuki Sato as well as people's experiences through discovering their true self from my own view.

Today's subject is also about the relations between the true self and money.

Mr. Sato says that if you make a shift in your mind that causes everything manifested to you, everything can be possible from curing sickness to making a success in business.

Now I'll introduce a salesperson who actually made four times the sales that he used to make after learning the Santa Sales method developed by Mr. Sato.

Mr. N is a salesperson with an innocent smile. But about 1 year ago he faced slowdown in sales, and then he had an opportunity to know the Santa Sales Method.

"Santa Sales" is a sales style that puts a customer first, focuses on making customers happy and working hard to get customers to really want to make that purchase. It is completely different from so called "the Thief Sales (trick sales)" The thief sales is a sales style which is self-centered and become overzealous in the quest for money.

Mr. N says that he used to do the thief sales itself, however after he knew the Santa Sales method, he started to think about what customers really want.

Of course it wasn't that simple and easy at first, but he nevertheless kept looking for what customers really want and focused on it. Then he could gradually recognize what it is. Just around the same time he started to find a huge growth in his sales performance.

Mr. N says that he actually experienced a great shift in his mind while he discovered his Santa Clause Spirit inside (his True Self). One significant thing is that he became full of appreciation for his parents. So he started to write a letter of appreciation to his parents every morning, though he actually  didn't send all the letters to them.

But he makes a point of sending a letter with something from his income to his parents every month.

I can imagine how delightful his parents are!!

He added that in about one year, he found that his income had increased to  6 million yen (approx. $60000) a month.

Now you may wonder what is the relations between the increased revenue and his gratitude to his parents.

I'll offer commentary on it by Mr. Sato tomorrow.
         (to be continued...)

「本当の自分」と「お金」の関係 Ⅱ