Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Treasure Warehouse In The Universe.


Hello, I'm Kazu who translates words of  Mr. Yasuyuki Sato into English. Mr. Sato has developed various kinds of methods to enable people to awaken to their true self (their god nature inside). On this blog I write about the true self discovery and about Mr. Sato, as well as experiences of people who actually discovered it from my own view.

Mr.Sato often uses a term, "the treasure warehouse in the universe". He also calls it "the warehouse of gold".

It actually means infinite abundance in you, that is your true nature inside.

Mr. Sato says that if you have the notion that you are incompetent or empty of power, you might as well think that you live your life with small change.

If you believe that such small change is all you have to your name, the notion will fill you with dread.

However, incidentally you remember that there is a warehouse in the backyard. You fully opened the door of the warehouse, and found it had treasure trove!! What would you do?

You will start to see everything in a different light!

On top of that, more it is used or shared with others, the more it is multiplied.

The treasure warehouse expresses your true self in a metaphor, but just realizing the fact that you have such treasure makes your life different.

Each one of us possesses this treasure warehouse inside!

There are other keys to remember.

When you are faced with adverse circumstances, if you accept the fact as everything happens to you is necessary and good for you, and make a new start from there, you will also increase your treasure.

You don't need to forcibly make yourself believe that whatever happens to you is good, but think about what you could actually learn from it, or changes that you noticed from it. Just focus on the facts.

Assuming that the treasure warehouse is in the universe in the air. When you find more and more good things caused by what happened to you, you are like making the cloud of miracle rain in the sky thicker and thicker.

As a result, your such attitude will actually bring about more happiness to you as if rains of miracles fall from the sky.

Even if you sometimes find muddy rains, they are also necessary for you to clean your soul, and still they are good for you.

Another important thing is once you experience such miracles, you shouldn't take the credit for them.

Instead, you have to let other people including your parents, ancestors, and people around you take the credit for them. You should keep an attitude of gratitude toward them.

This means the same thing as your being grateful to the Universe. It will also bring you happiness forever and ever.

Don't you want to savor your life as just described? This makes me feel excited! How does it all sound to you?













その出来事そのものをプラス思考で良い出来事だと思おうとするのではなく、事実としてそこから学べたこと、それによって得たもの、そのお陰でこうなったなど、ほんとうに良かった事を書いていくのです。 すると蔵の黄金がさらに増えていきます。