Friday, February 27, 2015

A Good Wife.


Hello, I'm Kazu who translates words of Yasuyuki Sato into English. Mr. Sato has developed various kinds of methods to enable people to awaken to their true self (their god nature inside). On this blog I write about the true self discovery and about Mr. Sato, as well as experiences of people who actually discovered it from my own view.

I'll write about "a good wife" today.  I used to  contemplate about being a good wife as well as a good  mother.

I also thought about the priority as a good wife. Is it to raise a smart child, to be good with house chores, or to take good care of both parents, or to be active in the society and economically independent?

Now I come to have a totally different view about a good wife after exploring my true self. It is not what we think in our mind or trying hard for something or someone.

What Mr. Sato says about being"a good wife" is that if you want to be a good wife for your husband, all you have to do is just to keep focusing on your true nature or true love inside, and as a result, everything takes care of itself for the better including the relationship with your husband.

I think it is exactly the opposite of what I used to envision.

But when I think about my own situation, I absolutely think it is true. No matter how much I cut corners in housekeeping or leave children to themselves, everything is just getting better and better as long as I'm filled with true love and gratitude.

I think it is the most reasonable way of living beyond any efforts or strength to make your life satisfying. Our mind and heart is invisible, but it is very convenient after all.

We couldn't help thinking in our mind, and we usually set a goal, and strive for it, but the fact is things are much easier and more simple. All we have to do is to LOVE and give it to people around you.

Now I have a different vision about how things should be as well as how a wife should be.