Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mr.Sato's Earlier Life.


Hello, I'm Kazu. On this blog I write about the true self discovery and about Mr. Sato who has developed various kinds of methods to enable people to awaken to their true self (their god nature inside) , as well as experiences of people who actually discovered it from my own view.

Mr.Sato who developed various kinds of exercises to discover the true self has extraordinary life experiences, and there is no doubt that all his life-changing exercises resulted from such experiences. Now I'll give you a brief background of Mr. Sato in his earlier days.

He was born in 1951 in Bibai, Hokkaido. He spent his childhood in this small mining town. His family was very poor, but he was brought up with a lot of love by his parents. His father was a stone workman, and his mother was an impetuous but loving person who always worked hard. However, when he was14 years old, his mother was stricken with a cerebral hemorrhage and passed away so quickly.

After that, he decided to leave home for Tokyo metropolis on his own at the age of 15. He made his living by washing dishes in a big company's cafeteria while he went to evening classes after work everyday. Mr. Sato says it was really hard for him to wash the dishes day in and day out.

However, one day he came up with one good idea, and this grim task turned out an amusing one! He put his watch in front of him and started to take on a challenge of washing as many dishes as possible in a minute like a game.

He felt that the same job had become a very enjoyable one, and finally he could wash dishes the fastest of all the workers. Then, he realized that he could learn a very important lesson. It is that you might think of work as a curse when you do it unwillingly, but if you work from your own motive, it will be a totally different one. 

When he stared working in Tokyo, he had a strong aspiration of one day becoming a business owner. He wanted to have his own restaurant.

One day when he was reading in a library, he learned something very interesting. It was that there was one thing in common among very successful business managers in the west. Many of those business people had an experience of working as a salesperson. 

Through the experience of selling products to customers, they built up their personalities and refine their characters, because they had to communicate with many people every day.

Mr. Sato was very shy by nature and knew that he had to improve his personality to become a business manager. He decide to take on a new challenge of selling beauty products at the age of 17. He desperately wanted to change himself and also he needed to save enough capital to own his restaurant.

But again it wan't that easy for 17year-old man to talk to strangers and sell products or to sell door to door. He could hardly ring the door chime at first.

In such circumstance his boss reprimanded Mr. Sato by saying "You can't do it. Quit this job!" Mr. Sato was a man who never wanted to admit defeat, so he turned over a new leaf and started to work like mad from the very next day.

When he engaged in the door-to-door sales business, he always focused on two things. It was very unique to him. One is his personal growth, and the other is to make others happy. Everyday he tried something new to make personal progress.

Tomorrow, I'll write an interesting and famous anecdote about an event happened with another saleman named Yoshida from Toyota.
                (to be continued..)