Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mr.Sato's Earlier Life 4


Hello, I'm Kazu. On this blog I write about the true self discovery and about Yasuyuki Sato who has developed various kinds of methods to enable people to awaken to their true self (their god nature inside) , as well as experiences of people who actually discovered it from my own view.

This is the continued story of Mr.Sato's earlier days.
Mr. Sato achieved a huge business success at such a young age, but contrary to all his achievement he started to struggle deep down in his heart. 

Back then, he devoted himself energetically to work and exerted his ingenuity, as he kept making robust growth. However, his employees could hardly keep up with his pace. Mr. Sato gradually found it difficult to put trust in them. He had a large doubt in his mind.

Moreover, as he developed his business, he was also haunted by worries and apprehension  . He started to question himself about his purpose in life, though he plunged headlong into the next.

He inspired employees greatly on the one hand, but he was torn apart on the other. He sometimes scrabbled at his own skin to such an extent that he got bleeding all over. He felt so much stressful that his body reacted vigorously on even getting into the test kitchen in his company.

As he was seriously depressed, he was convinced that a man will die without stirring hand or foot when he completely shuts his mind. At this time he had a near death experience. Then again, he questioned himself what he really wanted, what his purpose in life was , and what fulfilled him the most  over and over again for three entire days. Finally he got the answer!

It was obviously not the restaurant business, but the moment when he encouraged or inspired people. It actually satisfied him while he was both in the sales and restaurant business. In that instant, he felt his soul lift and felt shower of light was sprinkled over to him. This was the moment when Mr. Sato awakened to his True Self that stayed deep down inside. He could see the truth  of everything.

It was an amazing experience itself, but he had another one. It was that he could visualize a method of the true self discovery. However, he was not sure whether people can really uncover their True Self or true nature inside with the method, he had to test it with real people.

He offered workshops to test it to people around him such as his employees and family members. To his surprise, all those people who had been in different circumstances, could discover their true love deep within and transformed themselves. He became convinced that it was the real thing.

After transferring the ownership of his company to one of his friends, he started to offer the true self discovery seminars on a full scale. In the seminar participants discovered their true self and changed their lives tremendously for the better. It was about 30 years from now.

I could learn a lot of lessons from his real life experience. I especially like the fact  that he tried something new every day so that he could make a personal growth.
                            (to be continued...)

佐藤先生の人生 4