Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Is The Truth?


When you live your everyday life, you usually believe that what you see or perceive through your five senses is the truth of everything, but it isn't true. You can never ever grasp the true nature through your senses.

For example, when you see a person, you might have some impression about the person, but it doesn't mean that you could grasp his true nature. What you felt or imagined about the person through your eyes is not the same as the truth of the person.

If you see your physical body through a microscope, you will have a totally different view. Seeing it with a magnification of 1000x or 10000x will also become dissimilar. If you believe that what you see is correct, everything is to be correct, but at the same time everything may not be correct when there is only one thing that is the truth which never changes.

The truth of everything is the absolute law of universe that is far from human's perspective.

What we see through our eyes is just a partial view, and we can't perceive the essence of everything through our physical eyes.

Depending on the person who sees a matter, it will become a different thing, because all the people have different senses. If there are ten people who see you, all those people will have different recognition about you. It means that there will be ten kinds of You. It's impossible for us to penetrate to the essence of everything with human's senses.
( to be continued..)