Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Root Cause and Environment-Related Cause Ⅲ


If you have some root cause within yourself and when it is triggered by a certain environment or situation, you will face some outcome. This means that if you have different source or root cause, you will have a different result.

Some people believe that their fate is already determined, but it isn't true. We can actually change our own fate just by discovering our True Self or true nature. True Self lies in the deepest part of our consciousness. It is just the same as the universal consciousness or god consciousness.

Once you bring it out from inside, you will feel and experience deep gratitude and bliss  rising from your own soul. The deep gratitude can rewrite your past memories which dwell at the surface of your consciousness.

For example, even if you have held a grudge against your parents, your true self loves your parents ,no matter what. Therefor, once you awaken to your true self, you will realize that you really love your parents deep inside. Because light and darkness can't coexist.

Your true self is never affected by any cause or effect, but can transform anything into Light!
   (to be continued...)