Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Mechanics of Your MindⅢ

All your emotions or thought patterns are resulted from your past memories including DNA and the memories of your former lives.

It might be ok, if you are always peaceful and happy, but when you face troubles or have incessant negative feelings, how do you usually cope with them?

Some diligent people try to find something such as books that would  inspire them by showing the way how they can be positive. If you go to a book store, you will find a self-help corner and so many books that tell you how to become positive.

However, no matter how many books you read, they can hardly affect your deeper consciousness that includes your emotions and mind patterns. Deeper ones are more powerful and influential to your life.
If you read a lot of such books, it means you are making your mind (head) full of positive ways of thinking.

It is just like covering the top of the garbage can so that you don't need to smell the garbage. All you have to do is to clear or purify your sub-consciousness (your past memories) not to add more information into your head.

Many spiritual teachers in the past also knew it, but they couldn't tell how to do it. Many Buddhist monks have engaged in ascetic practices such as Zen mediation, long-time meditation, chanting sutra...
They try to awaked to their Buddha nature inside. Even today, many therapies such as psycho therapy, inner child therapy, past life regression therapy, retrospection therapy are offered for the same purpose that is to purify their soul ( sub-consciousness).
(to be continued...)