Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Mechanics of Your Mind Ⅱ

I'd like to explain the mechanism of people's consciousness including mind, emotion, and your true self or your true nature.

Basically your mind as well as emotions are largely divided into two, one is positive which represents
love and the other is negative which means fear.

There said to be more than 20million spices on earth, and if you closely look at all those living things, all their behavior is attributed to either love or fear. Wild animals are the good example. They take care of their offspring out of love while they run off in a hurry as soon as they see their natural enemies out of fear. Both of those elements are essential to survive.

We human beings are not the exception. We all take action based on either love or fear, but as we have developed our brain so much, such love and fear include more detailed ones.

Love includes gratitude, bliss, cheerfulness, forwarding attitude, having a lot of future dreams and goals...While fear includes resentment, grudge, sadness, self-pity, jealousy..and so forth.

Now, which element do you think you need to have a happy and fortunate life?

Of course, it is positive isn't? You all know that such positive elements hold the key to have a happy and fortunate life. Then why can't you live as you want? Or why can't you live as you believe?

It is because you do understand that love is important in your head, in other words, you know it as an idea in your brain.

You have learned morals and rules at school, and you were taught that you have to love and respect other people from your parents or teaches. Now you are well aware how you should live or what mindset you should have. However, the truth is the moment you see someone who you don't like, you will surely have negative emotions rising up from deep inside.

Emotion. That is the obstacle which gets in the way. No matter how much you know the importance of love in your head, you surely have different emotions or your mind patterns inside. Then, where did they originally come from? How were they created in the first place?
(to be continued..)