Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Mechanics of Mind Ⅳ


Then, you might wonder how you can cope with it.. how you can master your own mind.

The fact is that all the people have perfect consciousness deep inside. That is your True Self at the deepest part of your mind. The true self is the same as the universal consciousness, God within, true love, true gratitude, whatever you may name it, it is your authentic self which is just complete.

All you have to do is to uncover your true nature from inside, not to add more good way of thinking or information into your head. After you bring out your true love from within, when you carry that love and realization forward into your everyday life, your new life will unfold from that moment.

So many people changed their lives for the better after just awakening to their true love and gratitude. Some could completely recover from serious disease such as cancer,  some have better relationship with other people, some improved their business results or some could find their soul mates.

Many people say that enlightenment or awakening is the goal of life, but it's not only the goal of your life but also the beginning of your new life. Once you recognize your true love or your authentic self, you can enjoy your life in a very different way, because your perspective totally changes. You will find there is no good or bad in this world in a real sense.

Everything in this world is based upon the law of cause and effect. Everything that you see is the result of something that happened in the past.
                                                              (to be continued...)