Sunday, January 25, 2015

Shinga-True Self Counseling


Hello, I’m Kazu who translates Mr. Sato’s words into English.
Today I joined a seminar of “Shinga-True Self Counseling” offered by Mr. Sato. I’ll brief you on what I’ve seen in the seminar.

It was STUNNING!! In just 5 minutes or so, people with gloomy face became vigorous with this counseling!

This groundbreaking method is the essence of what Mr. Sato is doing in his mental health clinic, when meeting clients as a business consultant, or offering a speech for school students.

You can never find such an effective and marvelous method anywhere in the world but here. What Mr. Sato is doing is something that is quite opposite of general counseling methods.

In the commonly-adopted methods, counselors give advise to their clients who have troubles. In this case, those people who have problems need help, because they are not capable enough to cope with them.

This implies that those people are insufficient or imperfect, that’s why they need something more.

However, what Mr. Sato says is that all the people are perfect, complete, and sufficient by nature. They have problems as well as an answer within. Therfore, they don’t need to be filled by others.

All the Shinga(True Self) counselors have to do is just to talk to the person as he is perfect, and then he can automatically realize the fact that he is originally complete. As a result, people can find their own best solution. This really works!!

Mr. Sato likened this mechanism to the moon. When you look at the sickle moon, you may think the shape of the moon is horned. But the real shape is round.

If you really recognize and say that it is round, you will gradually see the true shape of the moon that is round.

You shouldn’t focus on the problem, because it will become bigger if you do so. If you only focus on the perfection, imperfect things will disappear.

Furthermore, not only the person who had problems becomes vigorous, but also the counselor can also lighten up, because the true nature of both of them resonates.

Many people got surprisingly good results even in practical training today.
   (To be continued…)





世界中探しても、こんな効果的で、驚きのカウンセリング法はどこにもないでしょう! 一般的なカウンセリングとは全く真逆のことをします!