Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let Go Of What You Cling To.

Hello. I'm Kazu who translates Mr. Sato's words into English.

Today's theme is how to let go of what you cling to. Mr. Sato says that all the suffering has roots in what your mind attaches to. In other words, things or people, or even some kind of thoughts that you strongly hold in your mind create your suffering.

What would your life be if you can release all your hold? You'll surely free yourself from all your worries or anxiety.

Life of letting go, instead of life of accumulating,  is also the trend of public now. The prevalent view of society is now different from what it used to be under the "bubble economy". More people are now interested in  simple ways of living.

I think many people still remember that the spirit of "Dan-Sha-Ri" has once become a fad in Japan. It means to clear your clutter and let loose of all the material junk tying you down.

There is a book entitled Life of Letting Go authored by Mr. Sato. It represents his own life itself. In this book, he explains how to let go of what you have an obsession with in detail.

He introduces two approaches to release what you strongly hold in your mind.

One is to do it by writing out those things or people on a piece of paper, while asserting "I've let go of ~~" Then, actually throw the paper away or  put it through a shredder.

If you do this process over and over again, it can work to some extent. But the second one is more simple and easier, and still can produce a real result.

It is to find something else that is more valuable to you. Assuming that you strongly hold a $100 bill in your hand, because the money is all you have for the month.

In this case, it is difficult for you to release your hold. However, if someone gives you a bundle of bills, you will instantly release your hand which had held the bill.

You can easily let go of what you cling to when you find something that is more valuable and important to you.

Furthermore, once you let go of your addiction, strong desire, or obsession, you can also let go of your fictitious self.

Mr. Sato says that this is the right way to live your life with your true self, and this is the principle of Life of Letting Go.

Tomorrow, I'll delve into it by looking back my own experience of letting go of what I obsessed with.