Thursday, June 25, 2015

心の師 My Mentor

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Hello. I'm Kazu. 
Have you ever thought about ”who you really are”?  You might sometimes wonder what you actually want to do in life, even though you strive hard for your better life.

Your True Self, your Best Self knows all the answers.

"The true self" here doesn't mean your true feeling or real intention that is often compared with stated reasons, but the authentic self that is united as one with life of everything in the whole universe including  all the natural elements.

Therefore, of course it is common for all humanity. It is the most wonderful self that lies deep down within you.

Ever since I discovered my true self through a YS approach developed by Yasuyuki Sato, I have experienced so many changes in life, and now I myself offer the true self discovery seminars. 

As I present workshops both in Japanese and English, I have witnessed many people from different countries who had wonderful experiences by meeting their true self.

My Mentor.

Do you have a mentor who you respect most in life?

Is it your school teacher who you like the best or your boss at work, or a master of arts?

My mentor is Yasuyuki Sato who is a developer of the YS method that enables people to awaken to their True Self, the God nature inside.

It's been more than 10 years since I first met Mr. Sato, and now I look back on my past and think that he is the one who helped me change my life in a profound way.

What is great about him is that he helped so many people change their lives just by doing one thing. It is to discover the True Self, True Love within. All the people have this common consciousness down inside that is originally perfect ,complete, Love itself, and the God nature inside despite all their personalities or past experiences.

When you find this heart of true love, all the problems facing you disappear. I think it is only Mr. Sato who says that you can change your past with absolute certainty.

Awakening to your True Self, True Love is not only a matter of you, but of all your ancestors including your parents. And you can break out of karma beyond time and space as you witnessed the lecture event in Nerima, Tokyo.

If I didn't have a chance to meet Mr. Sato, I could never understand the true feeling, true love of my parents who I owe to the most and might end up my life without knowing the most important thing in life. Eventually I also wouldn't be able to hand it down to my children.

I truly cannot thank him enough. I'd like to maximize the chance of meeting Mr. Sato and bring True Love into my life.

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