Wednesday, July 8, 2015

悩み解決明快答!Ask Mr. Sato!

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Hello. I'm Kazu. 
Have you ever thought about ”who you really are”?  You might sometimes wonder what you actually want to do in life, even though you strive hard for your better life.

Your True Self, your Best Self knows all the answers.

"The true self" here doesn't mean your true feeling or real intention that is often compared with stated reasons, but the authentic self that is united as one with life of everything in the whole universe including  all the natural elements.

Therefore, of course it is common for all humanity. It is the most wonderful self that lies deep down within you.

Ever since I discovered my true self through a YS approach developed by Yasuyuki Sato, I have experienced so many changes in life, and now I myself offer the true self discovery seminars. 

As I present workshops both in Japanese and English, I have witnessed many people from different countries who had wonderful experiences by meeting their true self.

Ask Mr. Sato!

Questioner: I'd like to know about the Santa Sale method based on the YS approach that you have developed.

Mr. Sato: When you are a salesperson and try to sell a product, do you think you can sell it if you say, "Could you please buy my product so that I can be rich and buy a house and a car"?

No one would buy it. I call it "the Thief sales" (Trick sales). On the surface you may pretend that you are honest and sell it just for the client although you only think of taking from a customer for your gain. 

However, what if there is a man who is really honest, puts customers first, and thinking only of making them happy. 

Even though you buy a product which costs $100, he does something which is worth more than $10000 for you. What if there is such an incredibly nice salesman in front of you?

If you need the product, you will surely buy it from the man.

It is the Santa sales approach which I have developed from my own experience.

A thief thinks of taking from others when he sneaks into a house. On the contrary, Santa Clause only gives a present to children and gets out of the house without any noise.

People lock the door so that the thief would not be able to come in, but they will open the door so that Santa Clause would be able to come in.

The same thing can be said about people's mind.

People would open their mind to the sales person like Santa Clause and listen to him. As a result, the salesman can accomplish good results in business. The Santa Sales approach is not only effective for sales business, but for any kind of business as well as human relationships.

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